VHS Gretzky trumps DVD Crosby.

I was walking through my local big box TV/Stereo/Wii/Ipod/HD Cable warehouse the other day, and I noticed a new Sidney Crosby DVD for sale. Nothing really post worthy about that, right? Well, kinda. You see the DVD was Called "Sidney Crosby: On the ice and beyond". The reason this stuck out to me is because when I was a child, there was a wonderful Gretzky VHS entitled "Wayne Gretzky: Above and Beyond". Pretty similar, no? I wondered if they had the same production quality. You see, Above & Beyond has a solid hour of interviews with Wayne, Janet, Bruce McNall, his junior coaches, etc. It was pretty much the Wayne Bible. Is it possible that they made a DVD like this for the Kid? The answer is no. How do I know this? Well, I have never seen the DVD, but Sid is only in his third year in the NHL, and has accomplished about as much as Jose Theodore. That is to say, he has a couple shiny trophies, and that's it. Wayne had to earn his Home Video. Wayne had to film countless Mr.Big,Pro Stars, and New Coke commercials just to pay the rent.

So I have lost my train of thought here, but my point is, Wayne Gretzky's Home Video "Above & Beyond" is the greatest VHS sports tape of all time. Did I mention it's narrated by the dude from NFL Films? Ya, I know. It's awesome.

PS - The first line from the film (from memory) "Like the winged messenger mercury, he floats across the ice. Some say his gifts are from God, others say he is just a man". Fuck that. I need to get my hands on a VCR.

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