Bird on a wire.

So as certain teams clamor to get a roster in by Noon tomorrow, others are just sitting back signing hold-outs.

The Kings have put certain poolies fears to rest and signed O'Sullivan to a 3 year deal that will see him get just under 3 Mil per. Now all he has to do is not shit the bed.

In other news, there were some pretty surprising waives today. Some because they just make too much money, and others because they just plain suck. Here they are...
Kyle McLaren (SJ)

Boyd Devereaux (Tor)

Staffan Kronwall (Tor)

Matt Pettinger (Van)

Jason Krog (Van)

Peter Schaefer (Bos)

Aaron Downey (Det)

Cory Murphy (Fla)
And the HockeyBuzz Vs. HockeyDump Trade Rumors of the day are..

HockeyBuzz: Sundin will announce a team by puck drop Thursday.

HockeyDump: Sundin will sit on his couch and watch a "Coach" re-run on Thursday.

Note: I am only going to announce the trade rumours once a week now, because it is boring.

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