Three quick hits for a lazy Friday afternoon.

1. I'm not sure when it's coming, but eventually someone is going to critically injure Sean Avery. Ben Eager almost decapitated his head last night, and if he would have succeeded the league would have nobody to blame but themselves. That being said, I like Avery, and find his antics hilarious. But if I was on the ice with him, there would definitely be a court case that followed.

2. Hockeybuzz Vs. HockeyDump Day 1:

The HockeyBuzz "Trade Rumour(s)" of the day is...
Boston sends Savard to Vancouver for Bieksa & the bonus, Sundin to Colorado.

The HockeyDump "Completely made up Trade Rumour" of the day is...
Boston sends Savard to Chicago for Barker & the bonus, Sundin to Dallas.

3. I have removed the moniker of HockeyTard because I realized I was no longer seven. Ah, I miss those days.

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