Nazzy and Foppa were dorks.

So I found these pics of Markus Naslund and Petr Forsberg as kids a few months ago, and I decided to hold on to them until there was something of interest to report on either of them. Well my friend, today is not that day. I just felt like posting something, and I'm sick of waiting for those boring bastards to step up, so here are the pics. I hope you find them as retarded as I did.

Of Course, now that I have posted these, I'm sure those two will end up robbing a bank together or something post worthy in the next 24 hours. Assholes.


Anonymous said...

MArkus aNd Fors R Gay!!

Davey Williams said...

Judging by the inability to choose Caps related format, and the entire content of that comment, I would have to say that this person was either completely hammered, or a retard.

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