Is it really a controversy if only one person is paying attention?

I have been keeping pretty close tabs on the goaltending situation in Los Angeles. I find the team exciting, and I have them pegged as a Stanley Cup contender this year. I mean, fuck, LOOK AT THEM. They are great. The only thing that may be holding them back is their goaltending. Well technically I guess it is their coach. I have no fucking idea who their coach is, but I'm putting my money on him being the one that keeps putting this guy in net:

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why they kept playing this guy, especially in back to back games. This photo shows why. Not because he is dressed up as the Hulkster. Not because he has "the belt". It's because he has a polish kielbasa shoved down his shorts. I'm guess the coach has a rat the size of my pinky finger. When he saw the mortadella in the dressing room, he fell in love with member -envy and refuses to give this stud a chance:
Maybe if the Kings hired Graham James, Ersberg would get a shot, being that he looks like a lost 10 year old.

In other news, while I was skulking around the Kings website, I came accross an amzing story! One of charity, and heroes, and pixie dust for all the children!! Dustin Brown is donating $50 to charity for each one of his body checks this season. Way to go! If he matches his hit total from last year, that would be less than $16,000 dollars. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining...maybe I should sing the praises of a young man giving back to the community. Or maybe I should draw an analogy to me donating less than 1% of my annual salary everytime I jacked off, so I could get a tax deduction. Because that's what this smells like to me. Charity semen.

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A lovely way to break your HockeyDump cherry. Welcome.