Classic Comedy: Trottier & Stevens Vs. Bellows

Brian Trottier + Kevin Stevens + Brain Bellows = Thank God for microphones.


"Your knee must be killing you, Bellows"

"Get off the fucking ice, you faggot"

"Bellows, you must be really hurt"

"Fucking freak"

"Bellows, you must be really hurt"

"Get off the ice, you pussy"

"Your the best"

"Go lay on the ice"

"Your the fucking best, Bellows"

"Your a superstar"

"Lay on the ice like a little...lay on the ice like a broad, pussy"

"You fucking woman"

"You make me want to puke"

"Get up you faggot"

"You fucking tit fucker"

"Get up you pussy"


the-jumbotron.com said...

I was just explaining this video to a female friend of mine, as its the only time I've heard "tit fucker" used in a negative way.

The Terminal City Boats said...

You know, I was thinking that exact same thing. Was that a faux pa back in the early 90's?

Joe said...

People often think it's "tit fucker." It isn't. Trottier called him a "kid fucker" due to an earlier incident where Bellows allegedly was with someone underage.