Thirds & Turds.

We gots overselves some of them third jersey logos thanks to the good people (probably) at Icethetics. Wanna check 'em out? Follow me...

Here it appears that Wayne decided to give the coyote head a body. It's nice I guess, I would have opted for this instead.

And the good old boys in teh ATL have decided to do the Dallas thing. I would have just gone with this instead. I feel it has a certain, je ne sais quoi.

Looks like the bruins are taking a trip in the way back machine for this little piece of bread and butter. It's good, but not great.

We already saw these bad boys at the Winter Classic last season. So why is on this damn list? We might as well show a picture of Dan Hinote's wife nude.

The sharks are moving the arm patch to the crest. I for one think that something, something, more pics of Dan Hinote's wife nude.

The Lightning decided to go with something retarded.

And the Leafs.

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