NHL Concept Logos

Do you like really shitty NHL concept art like I do? If you do you are gonna love this. Icethetics is a great blog that I believe started last summer as The NHL Tournament of Logos. It basically put all the NHL's logos up against each in a bracket format to try and see what the best one was(The Habs won if I remember correctly). After that it started to cover the new RBK Jerseys as they were released and it kind of avalanched from there. It's a great place to go and look at all the fan created concept art for their favorite teams, as well as all the new third jerseys that are coming out this summer. I figured I would start a daily post (starting tomorrow) of some of my favorite concepts, and do it team by team. There is some really cool shit, but most of it is fucking horrendous (above). Enjoy.


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