Ovechkin scores.

Now I don't want this blog to turn into the TMZ of hockey blogs, (unless of course it raises readership), but far be it from me to deprive you from a picture of a hot young slut.

This is Alex Ovechkin with his date Elena Alyonka Larionov. She is the 21 year old daughter of Igor, and wants to be a pop-star.In fact she recently tried out of American Idol. It's nice to see that Alex is following in the footsteps of other great Russia starts in banging semi-famous blond chicks. Although, I would have assumed that Alex's new mentor Sergie Fedorov would have pointed him in the direction of Elena's younger teen sister Diana, a la Kornikova. (below).

And just to even out the playing field, here is a pic of Gino Odjick for the ladies.

Read more about this super interesting story here: www.google.com

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