Sluts like hockey.

So this is the first post of what will, I'm sure, become an ever growing list of chicks who enjoy the company of professional hockey players. You can call them Puck Bunnys, or Puck Sluts, or Mom, or whatever. All that matters is that we keep track of them, so we can use the information they give us against them at a fture date. This making any sense to you so far? Good.

1. Hillary Duff (Mike Comrie)

2. Paris Hilton (Jose Theodore)

3. Anna Kournikova (Pavel Bure, Sergei Fedorov)

4. Elisha Cuthbert (Mike Komiserek, Sean Avery, Dion Phaneuf)

5. Mary Kate Olsen (Sean Avery)

6. Geena Lee Nolan (Cale Hulse)

7. Alyssa Milano (Wayne McBean)

8. ChaIsabella Scorupco (Mariusz Czerkawski)

9.Kellie Pickler (Jordan Tootoo)

10. Rachel Hunter (Sean Avery, Jaret Stoll)

11. Madonna (Mark Messier)

12. Janet Jones (Wayne Gretzky)

13. Kristi Yamaguchi (Bret Hedican)

14. Candace Cameron (Valerie Bure)

15. Carol Alt (Alexie Yashin)

16. Alicia Ricter (Petr Sykora)

17. Veronica Varekova (Petr Nedved)

18. Sheryl Crow (Alexander Daigle)

20. Pamela Anderson (Alexander Daigle)

21. Anne-Marie Carbonneau (Brendan Morrow)

22.Tiffany Granath (Brad Norton)

23. Kristen Bell (Nobody yet)

24. Charlotte Ronson (Sean Avery)

25.Angelica Bridges (Sheldon Souray)

26. Allison Dunbar (Sean O'Donnell)

28. Elena Alyonka Larionov (Alex Ovechkin)

Got any more ladies to add to the list? Leave it in the comments section.


Balls said...

amy mccarthy and dan hinote got married yeserday

Rubber Ducky said...

It's Wayne McBean, not Wayne Bean. I thought I told you that already. He was a Jet, when they, er, expired.

HockeyTard said...


balls said...

Modano & Willa Ford

balls said...

Avery & Klein

Kate Hudson $ Eric Lindros

Anonymous said...

Zetterberg & Emma Andersson

Hudler & Simona Krainova