Bouwmeester is a selfish bitch.

Jay Bouwmeester signed a one year deal today worth a reported 4.something Million Bones, which saddened me to no end. I had high hopes that Jacques Martin would find a way to move him to a real team, allowing me to play my favorite game in the world,...


My dream started 2 years ago when then GM Mike Keanen traded Luongo to the Canucks for Bertuzzi and a kick in the chops. Then earlier this summer they took another big stride by trading Olli Jokinen to the Phoenix Gretzkys for a hearty handshake and a half eaten sandwich. And I had really hoped that the last piece would fall, and Jay would be sent to packing and the fun would begin. It would have been marvelous. People would shout, "Name a Florida Panther!" and nothing but sweet silence would return. Sure, every once in a while someone would throw out a guess like Ray Sheppard, or Robert Svehla, but it would be in vain. You see, it's impossible. The Panthers are a team of nobodys that eat shit and like. Without them , the league may be mistaken for a Major Professional Sport, and who wants to live in a world like that? Not me. Oh, the times we could have had. It's a shame, but there is always next summer, there is always next summer.

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