Roy jr. also a spaz.

Jonathon Roy (Son of Patrick) was officially charged today with assault, and unofficially charged with being a piece of shit, after he attacked a man 90 feet away from him, unprovocted, during a QMJHL playoff game last spring. And what a fucking surprise this is, the King of assholes raised a son that is equally, if not more, prone to solving his problems with violence and over-reacting to seemingly common situations. I mean, we all remember his father demanding a trade directly to the owner of the Habs, during a fucking game, all because the coach had the audacity to allow Roy to let in a weeks worth of goals in half a game. And how can we forget the time his wife locked her ass in the bathroom in fear, and Patty ripped the door off the hinges. What a calm and rational person. At least his son is a shitty goalie, and is only on the team because daddy bought it. I would fucking claw my eyes out if I had to undergo another 15 some odd years of watching a Roy spread his shit across the ice of 29 other cities. I think the Canadian Federal Government should do the rest of the country, and world for the matter, and dip the Roy Sacks in a deep fat fryer, so we don't have to put up with any more of their shit. At least then we could move on to the Belfours. Man, don't get me started on those clowns.

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