NHL Concept Logos: Los Angeles Kings Edition

It's time to look at the woulda, coulda, shoulda in the world of Pro Hockey Marketing. This time we fly away to the star studded paradise that is Southern California, in particular, Los Angeles County. Here are my top picks for better or worse (above). For more head over to the Icethetics blogspot.

Here we have some sort of solar eclipse or star of David or something. I like the simplicity of it, but I don't think that a 4th set of colors for the franchise is a good idea though.

I am all for bringing back the original crown, but the colors here are fucking horrible.

This would be better if it was Bruce McNalls face under the crown. And whats with the giant LOS ANGELES? it looks like it belongs on a roller-hockey jersey.

I always liked the Gretzky era jerseys. Why not just go back to them?

And this is apparently shows Roberto Luongo as a King for some reason.

For more go to icethetics.blogspot.com

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