An open letter to Brendan Shanahan

Dear Shanny,

I know that at one point not that long ago you were a pretty good hockey player, that played at a very high level, but that time has passed. Basically, hang them the fuck up. You are starting to look pathetic. Do you want to be the next Paul Coffey, or Dave Andreychuck? Nobody does. Those guys are shitty. Do you really want to play that one last season in Florida to a crowd of 8000 people? Do you really want to be forced into retirement half way through the season because that 700K with bonuses is becoming a financial strain on the Team? Just do the right thing and retire now while you still have your dignity. If you do, I promise to come and watch you play the local fireman when the OldTimers comes to my town with Tom Kurvers and the rest of the "Legends". And when the referees come out and do their 3 blind mice routine, I promise to laugh. So just hold a press conference, shed a tear, and thank your agent, or the next thing you know is you will be passed over on waivers for the 3rd time this year.



PS - Can you pass this along to Teppo, Cheli, Gary, Feddy, Blakes, Roeny, Guerry, Footy, Dougy, and Holi. Thanks.

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