Fuck Sundin and his stupid face.

So you know how Mats Sundin announced, (or at least one of his cronies did), that he would make a decision by August 1st? Ya, well apparently that decision didn't include what team he plans on playing for. And I guess that makes sense. Why would anyone expect him to announce what team he plans on playing for on the date he said he would make his decision? That would be what a human being would do, not a past his prime ass hockey player that seems to enjoy having the world stop and wait for him. And how does he know if he will know if even wants to play by then? If he knows now, why is he holding out til then? Is he just going flip a coin? Fuck that guy. I'm sick of his old face, and hope he gets the bird flu. I guess that's what happens to your ego when you play in the center of the universe for that long. He also looks like burn victim.

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