Scotty Bowman clearly remembers WWII.

Hall of Fame coach, and nine time Stanley Cup Campion Scotty Bowman left the comforts of Detroit to take postion of Senior Advisor of Hockey Operations for the Chicago Blackhawks this morning. I guess the big question is, why? Is it because he sees no room for advancement in HockeyTown? Is it because he feels he could use a new challenge in his life? Or maybe it's just to be closer to his son, who is the Assistant GM of the Hawks. These are all very plausible reasons, but I believe it's something much simpler. I think Grampa Scotty may have been bitten by the senility bug.

You see, this happens to 75 year old men from time to time. They just wake up one day and go wondering, and sometimes find themselves in another city. It's Ken Hollans fault for not putting one of those identity bracelets on his wrist. He probably wondered into the local Piggly Wigglys with his pants off, and the police just took him to the nearest hockey franchise in hopes someone knew who he was. But it's not all pant shitting for Bowman, he has many qualities he can bring to the Chicago table. He could be in charge of eating dinner at 4pm, or driving 60 kms on the highway. And if someone in the office needs some toffee, or one of those pill holders, with the different days of the week on them, he will be the first one on the case. Yes sir, Scotty Bowman is a fine and logical addition to the youth movement of the BlackHawks. It's just weird how Detroit didn't seem to put up much of a fight.

Note: The hockey card above is older than Mats Sundin. Bowman is 50 in it....FUCKING 50!

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