Great Hockey Quotes Part 1

"We're looking forward to building the type of team the Rangers are able to buy." - Bobby Smith (Then Coyotes GM)

"It's Anna Kournikova's 18th birthday, or as Sergei Fedorov knows it, 'The day I can legally start telling everyone I am sleeping with Anna Kournikova." -Craig Kilborn

"He's a gutless puke, that's what Travis Green is. That's why he doesn't wear an Islander uniform any more." - Mike Milbury

"Just charge me with the usual." -Bob Probert (to a cop, after he slammed his motorcycle into a car, while three times over the legal blood alcohol limit.)

"How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?"- Jacques Plante

"I'm not dumb enough to be a goalie." -Brett Hull

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