Brian Burke wants to punch people in the head.

Big Brian is back at 'er again, this time on XM Radio, and he had his classic shit starting hat on.

Burke touched on a few hot topics, one being the eminent Schnieder trade. Apparently he has had 5 or 6 offers since he cleared waivers, but didn't like any of them. Ummm,...if you were willing to give him away for nothing, and then somebody says they will give you something, why would you not take it? Unless the teams are trying to drop some salary on the Ducks as well, that just don't add up none. He said he isn't moved in the next day or so, he will bring him back to camp, and wait for some other team to get an injury, and do a trade then. It seems lie a lot of work and distraction to me. He also had time to give a few other blasts regarding the salary cap era Vs the Pre Salary Cap era, and punching Canadians in the head.

If I was Brian, I would just bite it and move him where ever, and bring in Teemu before this becomes the another Niedermayer thing. I would also be an angry Irishman with a 100 pound head.

Listen to the whole interview here care of Kukla's Korner.

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FleuryofFun said...

Burke doesn't want to take on more than half his salary in a trade. BUT, because of his age he will never be able to assign him to the AHL or anywhere because it will then count against the cap. Burke's not in the driver seat here...all the other teams are.