Wayne's World.

Wayne Gretzky made a speech to the Economic Club of Canada this past week, and TSN has a good article on it. In it Wayne covers a variety of topics, and you can read the whole thing here. Or you can just get the gist of it by reading my coles notes on the subject below. Ah, the MTV generation, what can't you do?
The KHL poses a threat to the NHL

He wouldn't be surprised to see another NHL team eventually end up in Ontario.

He's not sure about is Winnipeg.

He was offered an opportunity to go to Europe after retiring from the New York Rangers in 1999.

He often wonders why they had a lockout with the salaries the way they are now.

He thinks Bettman has done a tremendous job.

He thinks it's hard to pour more funds or more money into Olympic sports or amateur sports.

He thinks we're lucky enough now in the National Hockey League to have players like Crosby and Ovechkin.
Note: The pic above has very little to do with the actual article...or does it?

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