Sweet 16

Sorry for the lack of posts to anyone that cares. I have been on my death bed with what can only best be described as the torture virus. It feels like someone is pouring bleach in my eyes. Good times.

I did notice that "FleuryofFun" did a nice little post of the Top Nicknames in hockey history. He did however miss a great one with Stan "The Steamer" Smyl.

Speaking of honored Canuck greats, (segway gold), Trevor Linden is going to have his number 16 retired this season. I think that The Isles, Caps, and Habs should get in on this as well. Maybe the NHL could retire his 16 throughout the league? I just hope they don't use the one he's wearing above. It has Kool-Aid all over it.*

* The jokes don't come easy when you are this sick.

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