Brian Burke's Head Finds a Home

Apparently the only thing bigger than Mr. Burke's head is his own anal cavity.

Today he put Mathieu Schneider on waivers. Huh? A top offensive D-man can't even get traded for a low draft pick? My theory is this: When Burke didn't like the "low-ball" offers he simply decided to screw over some teams by putting him on the waiver wire.

AND, this is the second time in less than a year that he's done this. Remember how the Coyotes got their hands on Bryzgalov last year? It was from the Ducks, off of waivers.

Note to Mr. Burke: eat your ego for breakfast, 'cause when you have 2 top players under contract and you get nothing for them people may start to ask questions (and the answers could be painful if they're located up your ass).

PS - I really hope he's kept a diary on these moves like he did a couple of years ago. I like Burke as a show-boatin' media whore but his GM'ing is a little suspect - right, Mr. Lowe?


Anonymous said...

Brain has a history of pulling off "my way or I will go out of my way to fuck you" moves in the past as well. Remember when he let Schaeffer rot overseas for a year before tradeing him to Ottawa? That was a straight up fuck you to him and his agent for not playing Burkies rules. He also traded Druken for a similar violation. I could totally believe this to be the case.

FleuryofFun said...

Great points...

Check out the first post on this old forum and tell me he isn't a stubborn old bastard as a GM: