Knee deep in celebs.

So with all the hockey blogs losing their respective shit over the fact Mats Sundin is going to be playing in this big Celebrity Charity Hockey Game in Toronto, I thought I would do some investigating of my own on the game itself. It turns out that you don't legally have to have actual celebrities to call it a celebrity game. You see, the list of Hollywood heavy hitters committed to the event include:

Alan Thicke (Growing Pains)

DB Sweeney (The Cutting Edge)

Cameron Bancroft (I have no idea)

Jason Reitman (Directed Juno, and those NHL commercials)

Tim Robbins ( A bunch of shit)

So basically, the game that is packed with NHL stars had just enough cache to bring in a B-Lister, a C-Lister, 2 D-Listers, and some dude that may or may not mow my lawn. Where are the old stand-bys? Where is Jason Priestly, Matthew Perry, and Dennis Leary? Those are 2 solid C-listers and a D lister right there. And what about throwing a pair of skates on Elisha Cuthbert, or one of the other hockey skanks? Don't they count? All I'm saying is that if you can't bring in any real celebrities, then don't bother calling it a celebrity game. You might as well call it the "Direct to DVD Super Challenge!"

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underthechestnuttree said...

Not that it matters, but apparently Steve Carrel (sp? The american office guy, Brick from anchorman) is big time into hockey.

Same with that drunk on Show Case (HBO's retarded canadian half-cousin)...Denis leary.