John Tortorella kinda looks like the Fonze.

Remember Zdeno Ciger? I do. I remeber him not for his on ice play, but because his name kind of sounded like "Cigar". At least I'm being honest.

Anyways, the reason I bring him up is because it turns out he was a complete pussy. You see, it seems that his former coach in his Tampa days, a one Mr. John Tortorella, gave him panic attacks. Yes. Panic Attacks. Amazing.

I'm not going to into it mainly because the story just trails off into how it affected Zdeno's current coaching career, and that is about as interesting as the possibilty of Calgary Adding a new third jersey next season, which has been getting WAY too much play in the last couple of days.

So ya, read more at Lightning Strikes here. (But I admittedly got turned onto the story at Puck Daddy here.

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