Bon Voyage, Evgeni! Say hi to Alex for us!

It has been reported by somebody, but I can't remember who, maybe it was Walter Cronkite, (note: This is why the mainstream media is so scarred of blogs, I am claiming my source is a fucking ghost and nobody can do shit about it), that the Kontinental Hockey League is prepared to offer Evgeni Malkin a 100 Million Dollar Contract, Tax Free.

And here is the kicker, it's for only 5 years.

Apparently he would get $50,000,000 up front as bonus, and then $10, 000, 000 a year after that. Ho-ly-shit.

Note from HockeyDump to Evgeni Malkin: I want to see you stay in NHL as much as the next guy, but when the crazy man offers to pay you $100,000,000 before you turn 27, you smile, sign the papers and fucking run. I don't care if there is a clause in the contract that says you have to sleep with his fat wife every night for the five years, with that kind of money you can wash your dick off on supermodels.

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