Wayne wants to get you drunk.

I have a problem.

You see, I like to get drunk. In fact, I like to get drunk on cheap wine. So whats the problem you ask? Well, I don't feel that my current wine of choice is saying much about me and my love of hockey. I mean, people come over to my house and see me drinking some generic merlot from the box, it's embarrassing. I could be a soccer fan for all they know.

That's where Wayne Gretzky comes in.

Wayne has solved this problem with a vengance, with his new line of wines from 99 Estates. Now everybody will know that you aren't just some asshole drunk, you are also a hockey fan. Choose from an unoaked chardonnay. Meritage, or a mouth adventuring ice-wine. All 3 are guaranteed to fuck you up. But what if your local Liquor Depot doesn't carry one of Wayne's creations? No problem, he will send it to you in the mail. I have to say, it's about damn time my childhood hero started selling me alcohol. Now if Ray Bourque would get off his ass and put his face on a pack of smokes, I would be set.

To order your first case of Wayne's booze, click here.

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