You Can't Shovel Sunshine

David Shoalts at the Globe and Mail has gained some insight into Bryan McCabe's departure from the Leafs this off-season. McCabe's comments aren't exactly Herculian:
“There were a lot of contributing factors,” McCabe said, adding this will be his first tropical winter. “Hopefully, that will let the body recover more, so I can prolong my career a little bit. And the wife's not going to complain about having to shovel the walk every day.”
I don't know what his ultimate goal is but this doesn't exactly scream Stanley Cup. Guess that's why even the lowly Leafs were willing to let a top-scoring D-man be a southern-snowbird.

NOTE: I think his wife would trade anything, including snow-shoveling, for not having to cut-and-dye those shitty
play-off mohawks (even if she suggested it). Also, replace the above mentioned "shovel the walk" with "board up the windows due to hurricane Blank" and T.O. might seem a bit warmer.

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HockeyTard said...

McCabe is a stain that has already been banished by NYI, Van, Chi, and Tor. Florida won't be far behind.