It turns out that Pavol Demitra might be retarded.

The Two-Line Pass had a good post yesterday about an interview Pavil Demitra did where he talks about the upcoming season in Vancouver, and his past experiences in Minny and St.Louis. He basically goes on to say that he likes offence, and dislikes defence. and how he hates line juggling. This of course begs the question, "then why did you sign with the Canucks, turd?".

Read the whole thing here, or just skim the best parts I have hi-lighted for you below. What a great person I am.

“When I was in Minnesota, I preferred playing the wing because the centre in Minnesota has to stay back and play defence,” Demitra admitted Monday. “In St. Louis, I preferred centre because I had the puck all the time.”

“I’m hoping they’re going to try to change it here and they’re going to play a little bit of offence here,”

“I had a good time when I played with Gabby. But what bugged me there, is that I never had a chance to play with the same guys. The first year, I played with Gabby for stretches but not really much in the the second year. The way it works there, the coach [Jacques Lemaire] was always switching guys and the lines around. I didn’t like that.

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