Slowest Three Minutes In Hockey, Pwnage Edition.

So Don starts us off his usual banter about his "...type of guy..." (reference to Eric Nystrom) who is "...nice to watch..." also mentioning "...his big bone..." in reference to him. Erotic.

Then he goes on to talk about how great Nystrom is as he rounds the goal, shaking his fists, in what is as close to excessive celebration you will see this side of Washington.

SPEAKING OF WASHINGTON!!! (drum roll please)

So they play a clip of Ovechkin's post-game comments after the big five-o, refering to Dunce and "Coach's Room" (fuck that is never going to get old).
"Anyhow, Alex, is that his name?" Wow, that's how you're going to rebuttle? Pretend you don't know the name of the NHL's leading scorer? Stellar. Well played, way to show your true colours.

"He then goes on to ask about how would you like to be playing for Tampa Bay?" Well, the year that AO came into the league, weren't the Lightning the defending Cup champs? He probably wouldn't have minded playing for them at that point, rather than for the bottom-feeding Capitals. He took that team on his shoulders and built it into the most exciting franchise in the league. He can fucking do whatever the fuck he wants to do, especially in their shitty ass arena.

Don then starts complaining about how the Lightning had a rookie goalie in. So did the Capitals. That's just the way the cookie (and the Lightning goalies, and organization for that matter) crumble.

THEN he starts talking about the Lightning goalie's feelings. HOLY FUCK!! Don is concerned about people's feelings now? The guy who debases europenas and frenchmen, the guy who basically calls out any player he feels like, regardless of how it may make them "feel", decides that Ovechkin isn't being considerate of peoples feelings? Hey DOn, he just scored 50 goals. That is some emotional shit you and I know nothing about, since neither of us has ever scored a goal in the NHL. You, on the other hand, have an entire week in your basement to sit around and pre-meditate you segment on Coach's Room, and throw whomever you see fit under the bus at any given moment.


Then Dunce starts taling about payback and such, basically making Coach's Room sound like a mafia hit segment.

Then he says that everyone is laughing at Alex, when he celebrates. The only person anyone is laughing at is you, you senile old shit.

I won't touch too much on the fallen soldiers love-in bit. O ther than Don airing out his skeletons by talking about the one soldier whose grandfather and father were in the military and all his life he wanted to be in the military. Sounds just like Don, but he actually had the nuts to do it.


Side Note: Pics to come later, I can't stand looking for pics on my buddy's laptop.

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