The Pes-Satan Project update

Okay, so, it seems things are going swimmingly for the boys of Wilkes-Barrie/Scranton (WTF is with that name?). As you may or may not be aware, Commander Geno demanded that Miro Satan be sent to the Penguins AHL affiliate in order to build up valuable chemistry with the Penguins secret weapon of mass destruction. It seems this chemistry will be ready even sooner than planned (playoffs) as I came across the following from the Pitts Post-Gazette a minute ago:
"...with two assists Monday against Albany, Pesonen set a club record for points (68), including 24 goals, with the Penguins' American Hockey League affiliate at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton...Playing on Pesonen's line Monday when he set that record was Miroslav Satan, the veteran winger who cleared waivers and was reassigned to Wilkes-Barre because of salary cap issues. Satan had a goal and three assists in a 7-2 win that marked his first AHL game since April 1, 1995."
Anyways, it seems like that shit is working out well for everyone involved, I'm just hoping the center of that line is wearing a Malkin mask, to ease the upcomng transition.

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DWB said...

The intense fascination that HockeyDump has with a minor league hockey player is the kind of shit that makes the world go round.