I STOLE YOUR POST because I am a lazy man.

And also because the content is too great not to comment on:

From BP:
Mr. Malk makes some perogies, Russian-steez.

It seems Malkin can't pronounce very many English words correctly, but he seems to have a handle on the word ugly, what does that tell you? I also enjoyed at the end where he just fucks off to take a phone call. The gents @ BP say that that is Larionov's daughter, who was once AO's main squeeze. Is she on the list of hockey sluts? Is Geno pounding her perogie? If Geno pounds her does she come with the Hart trophy? Can I have a go at her if I learn Russian and/or broken English?

From PuckDaddy:

Buy a bottle of vodka, get free tickets to the 'yotes game. I feel like living in 'Zona could be a good thing. You get a Superbowl caliber NFL squad, you can walk to Vegas, you can check out Steve Nash's greasy mullet, and you get a ticket to a hockey game when you want to get loser pissed on Smirnoff. Oh and it's warm all year. Fuck it, I am moving down there...maybe Turris will billet me.

And from Reed over @ CK:
It seems that I am not the only Canadian out there that is tired of Cherry's hate-mongering (although you probably didn't need a shitty punk song to tell you that):

Maybe this isn't a shitty punk song, but I couldn't really tell you, as I think all of it is shit. Except for maybe some Sex Pistols stuff, and a Rancid/OI song here or there.

Also, just in case anyone is excited about Kotalik getting a goal to make it close in that Red Wings - Oilers matchup last night, why don't we take a look at the 2nd goal for Detroit:

What a fucking goat, he just lets Franzen walk right through him. I thought the Oilers could be a dark horse, but the more I see of them (I've been watching them a fair bit the last few weeks), the more I think they are a bunch of losers, with the exception of Gagner, Souray, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Nilsson and Roloson. Why the fuck are they letting Potulney and Schrmep rot in the minors? Hemsky is a fucking overrated bum. All he does is circle around the net like it's NHL '92. Fucking bum.

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