(Community) College Dream

Okay, so I haven't posted in a loooong time. For some reason I decided to get married and start a new career within the same month. I know, lame-ass excuses. In my defense, I also accidentally-on-purpose watched the first 20 minutes of the Love Guru which sent me into a self-induced 3 month comatose state which left me unable to communicate any thoughts relating to hockey. More thoughts on that movie later if I ever finish it.

I was awoken from my "hockey-coma" last week when I read that Chris "Cheli" Chelios had celebrated 10 years with the Wings. Holy shit, wasn't it just a couple of years ago that he got traded from Chicago? Time flies when you measure it in Cheli years.

I love the guy but could someone tell him that the league now has a retirement plan that would pay him even if he doesn't play 3 minutes a night. He's like the old guy wandering around at the community college who everbody thinks: "What does he teach? No, he doesn't teach. He's taking a class with me".

Ah, fuck it, let's see how long the Grecian Stallion can go - he's probably the last of a literally dying breed in the NHL. He's obviously found his fountain of shitty-youth:

Fuck, I have many more belligerent and irrelevant thoughts from the past few months but Mr. Williams and Spec7ral have pretty much covered it - thank the holder-uppers!

Bonus Feature:

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Spec7ral said...

Isn't Michigan Ave the pretentious rich-ass shopping district?