Reign in Blood.

Remember a while back, Greg and the lads over at Puck Daddy put on this great contest in which they had people photoshop Big Gary in all sorts of awesome scenarios. I was pleased as punch to say the least. Anytime you mix the creativity of a hockey fan, with the douchliness of an anonymous Internet stalker, the results almost always make hay

That being said, they are at it again. This time it's time to re-work some old cards, and it has already produced some classics. I have stolen them, and posted my favs here. Why? Because it's easier than actually writing a post myself.

This masterpiece took me off guard at first. I didn't expect to enjoy some light Malarchuking. It has always been a HD staple.

This is perfect because it's along the same lines, but a little more obscure. Zednick is the Black Flag to the Malarchuk's Rolling Stones. I'm confused as well.

And we round it back out with some "Slit Malarchuk". Are you kidding me? GOLD. I plan on thieving some more of these as soon as they are posted. There are more over there, so you should run off and check it out. Go ahead. GO.

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