Campbellton Middle School.... Go Fuck Yourself.

What is wrong with this country? Our government? Maybe. The fact that someone is getting iced every day for the last week in my city? Nope, that's pure excitement. I would have to say the number one thing that is really rotting away the moral fabric of Canada is Don Cherry and his cult fucking status amongst a good chunk of Canadians.

So Campbellton Middle School, New Brunswick has spent the past TWO FUCKING MONTHS festooning their gym EVERY FRIDAY AFTERNOON with various adornments in the likeness of DAWN FUCKING CHERRY.

This begs the question: Why? Fuck, why?

If we ball park it at one hour per week for maybe 8 weeks or so, that's 8 hours of "art" time the kids wasted drawing pictures of an idiot. Are there no parents that had an issue with their kids (and we are talking about kids up to the age of 12 here) wasting their time with this shit? It's in New Brunswick so probably fucking not, they were probably angry they weren't spending more time on this project.

And I really truly hope that I paid for Don's trip with my tax money. I love how there's praise for him taking a detour out of his "packed itinerary" to do this. Um, Don has freely admitted that he spends a good portion of his time in his basement watching TV. If that is a packed itinerary... I think I just shit my pants.

The article also has a quote from someone drawing comparisons between the US President and Dunce.

"As Cherry was leaving, he gave a thumbs-up to two local Mounties." More tax dollars sitting around twiddling thumbs.

"He also spotted a Union Jack flag underneath a faded photo of the Queen. Cherry stopped, still wearing his Campbellton toque, and sang the first verse of ""God Save the Queen."" School staff applauded vigorously". WHY?!?! Who perpetuates this monarchy shit?

Basically, I'm pretty sure that Dongle got paid on my dime to go to some school and polish Wendall Clark's knob (he was there as well) while a bunch of no-minds cheered. And that's what wrong with a lot of fucking people who use the term "eh" more than I do.

That is actually Miss New Brunswick... no shit of a lie.

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Anonymous said...

Miss New Brunswick cried during her first abortion. The second one, she just watched a re-run of Everybody Hates Chris.