Pictures are fun!

Ok, I keep reading lies about new pictures of the Canadians partying that are supposed to be released. I can't find shit. And I am not going to settle for some picture of Carey Price with three cigarettes in his mouth. I want cocaine and nudity. Maybe even penetration.

In the meantime, I will post some fun pics that I find in my search:

Ovechkin hanging with one of the Kbros. OMG MAYBE ALEX WILL BE IMPLICATED!?!?! STFU idiot.

The K bro out partying later with the same girl...What the hell is the thing on the left? Whatever it is, it has stolen my third grade haircut. (HOLY SHIT I THINK THAT IS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE KOSTITSYNS!)

"Well you can tell by the way i use my walk im a womans man no time to talk music loud and women warm ive been kicked around since i was born" -Bee Gees

The fact that Carey Price seems to have a special knack for getting photographed with either a)alcohol or b)cigarettes makes me like him. He's doing good work.


The Loss Adjuster said...

Those Habs and their hard living ways. What's next? Smoking menthols? Eating fast food? Drinking German beer? The horror! The horror! I smell suspensions...

Chris Kontos said...

Funny stuff. I got your comment on my blog and added you to the blogroll.

Rhonda said...

Hey, LOVE your blog!!! Full of the LOL's, which hey.. we all need, am I right? :D

I've been seriously under the weather, but in the next day or so I'll get your link posted up on my blog, and thanks for stopping by to check it out! :)


RoShaCla said...

Hahaha, those pics are hilarious. The Canadiens thing is definitely way overblown.

Thanks for the compliment on my other blog. Yours is quite a good read as well :)

Thrashers Recaps said...

I got your comment on my blog too. I wouldn't say though that the Thrashers are "ready" for anything next season except maybe another top draft pick. Bryan Little is great, yes, but the bigger unknowns for us are what will happen with Kovalchuk, what we will do with our 3 goalies, and probably most importantly if our stupid GM will be replaced.