Well, Bangin Panger and Capitals Kremlin have beat us to the punch as far as breaking the blog story on this subject, but that won't stop me from posting about one of my favorite things in life: Professional sports players and their (alleged) involvement in all and anything narcotics.

I really don't give two shits if a sports player is doing drugs. I think drugs are fun and should have their recreational place in everyone's lives, as long as people can make it functional. And in order to be playing professional sports it is obviously still at a functional level. Or you are so fucking skilled that your dysfunction still allows you to perform at a level higher than that of most other players and lets you continue to operate around the expectations of your team's management.

This is what the dump is all about. Taking dirty laundry and airing it out to the masses.

Story: Coke dealer busted in Montreal. Dude talked to Kostitsyns at some point (and 5-0 has it on wire tap). Hamrlik hung out with K Bros and dealer at some point. K-bros and Hammerman get painted as fucking Vancouver-downtown-eastside-junkies because they knew some dude that sold blow at some point. If this comes as any surprise to anyone... good for you for being a blind idiot. Montreal is known as one of the biggest party atmospheres in North America. And when you hear the term party associated with anything as large as a city, make sure you factor in the plausible idea of coke being present in the equation.

Anyways, it seems like this story will write itself via the pens and keyboards of overpaid self-righteous sports writers over the next few days, weeks, who knows how the fuck long.

My take: Good job. If I made that much money, I'd be spending it too.

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