Man, these pics scream Quebec so loud, it's deafening.

So, what's up with the Habs? Ya, I don't know either. It's not that I couldn't come up with an opinion on the situation, it's that I just don't fucking care. You see the only reason I am even blogging on the topic is a) I felt I should probably post something, as I have been a pretty lazy twat around here of late, and b) I have a couple photos that will write my posts for me. I love it when hockey players forget that Facebook isn't some magic website only viewable by their close personal friends. In fact, it may be HockeyDump's bread and butter.

Here we have Carey Price (2nd douche from the left), taking a page out of Lafleurs book. How many cigarettes does that guy need? I rarely smoke more than two at a time, three just seems like bragging.

And then there's this homoerotic adventure. (Carey Price, Christopher Higgins, Josh Gorges, Ryan O'Bryne, and dignity [not pictured]).

I just re-read this post, and I felt it needed a short paragraph to sum up the events proceeding it. I hope this does the trick. What do I care, it's not like anyone reads this far anyways. I could publish my deepest darkest secrets on this blog, and all people would say is "blog? you write for a blog? Which one?"


Spec7ral said...

I like how the guys are all glamming out for their facebook shot while the girl is hidden behind them all... isn't it usually chicks that are posing for this type of shit?

Rage said...

They did. The Chicks, that is.