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So today is day 4 of sobriety. My girlfriend is on some detox diet thing so I said I would do it with her in support, forgetting that meant no booze for a month. Today is my first day off work (not including my hungover Monday after 3 consecutive days of drinking), so it is really just beginning. Anyways, I also shut off the cable so it means alot of computer time for me over the next month and alot more posts. I just thought I would explain the flurry ahead of time.

Thanks to the folks over @ Barry Melrose Rocks for this great tidbit on my favorite topic: Dongle Dunce Cherry.

Both articles are a great read. In the Globe article, I must pick out a few of my favorite segments:

1)""I feel not unlike my 1983 Lincoln — big, ostentatious, still motoring and looking good.""
How the fuck did Don manage to conjure up a word like ostentatious? For some reason all this makes me think of is George Strombalopalous badgering him about "Acts of Green". And Dongle calling him some sort of derogatory greek term. Like Zorba.

2)"There is a movie about Cherry's life currently in the preproduction stage." HELP!

3)"Cherry stays in good shape by lifting weights daily. He also can be found most nights either accompanying his son, Tim, a junior scout, to watch local minor midget games or in his basement watching the NHL until the last game of the night concludes."
I can only imagine how much Tim loves his dad chirping in his ear all night about "the Canadian kid with no visor that elbowed that Frenchy, he's the guy you want!". Also the fact of Dunce spending a good portion of his life in a basement is fucking great trivia.

4)"A doctor told me that he can tell if an old guy walks into his office wearing a new suit, that means he's feeling good because he is expecting to live a long time," Cherry said. "I just bought six new suits a couple months ago, and I have another six coming."
It's nice that the doctor has instilled in Dongle the hope of eternal youth and, in doing so, has blessed us with 12 more fucking sonic colourscapes of shit. Thanks Doc!


Davey said...

I am sending this comment from my phone.

Spec7ral said...

Fucking kill yourself already!!!

Jason Towers said...

In Vancouver that basement rents for $800 dollars a month (Don Cherry not included).

Spec7ral said...

That's actually the new hotspot nightclub on the eastside. All the kids are doing it.