Ron McLean vs Colin Campbell

I just watched the most enjoyable piece of hcokey entertainment the CBC has put out in quite some time. Colin Campbell came down from his "Ivory Tower" (I wasn't aware that I loved this term until Colin Campbell let us know how much he hates it) to discuss a few hot topics.

Colin Campbell openly admits that he feels that Camalerri doesn't merit a suspension due to the fact that Campbell doesn't "think he's that type of guy", in reference to players he deems bullys, such as Carcillo (who did earn a suspension).

Let's compare the plays in question:

Jumping fucking Jesus on a motherfucking pogo stick. For the arbitrator of the National Hockey League to go on national television and proclaim that those two plays merit different suspensions, due to his personal view on the type of person either player is, that is some of the soupiest fucking bullshit I have ever heard. Rules should be in black and white. It's essentially the EXACT same thing happening, except that one player gets a suspension. What a load of rotten horse shit.

They touch on the Lucic bit as well, which I am pretty steamed about. I mean, I've got that fucker in my keeper pool, how am I going to win with that shit going on? I have a regular season crown to carry into the post-season for fuck's sakes!

Ron then gives Colin some guff about the fact that John Stevens wasn't allowed to use Carcillo for the last faceoff of the game. I'm not sure what that was all about, but I like the fact that Ron was pressing Colin for answers the way a drunk presses an old man for smokes after a session of binge drinking.

Colin gets kind of tired of being berated for information (I mean, really... who expects to have to answer questions in an interview?) and decides to try and turn the tables on Ron for his use of the term "Ivory Tower" in reference to his place of reign over the NHL. He comes off as insecure as he assures us of all the time and effort he puts in up in the IT department. Then again, Ron was shooting him sidelong glances that seemed to say "Hey Colin go piss up a rope".

Basically this post is just a big kudo to Ron McLean for giving Campbell the questioning and a big fuck you to Campbell for being a chimpy twerp.

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Davey Williams said...

I would like to see a porn starring Carcillo and a duck.