Chicken & Shitty Blogs

So I have noticed a couple of things. One, that I often start my blog posts with "So,...blah,blah ,blah, here is a list of shit I want to say", and two, I don't like posting when there is hockey to be watched. I find that I only really want to talk about hockey when there is no hockey on TV. Seeing how this is the playoffs, and I am bathing in hockey daily, the old Dump is left a vacant mess. Now don't get me wrong, the other lovely ladies of HockeyDump are just as much to blame here(especially Mr.Towers, that guy is a ball bag), but seeing as I am the one that started the madness, I will take the hit here.

So what the hell am I talking about? I don't know (that's another thing I often do when I post. I ask a question, then I answer it. It's a winning formula, something that most Dumplings wouldn't know about).

Right,...so where was I?

OK, I have no idea what I'm even typing anymore, so I am just going to leave you with this great recipe for Drunken Chicken:

Step 1: Buy this...
1 whole chicken
a bunch of sea salt
a can of booze.
1 Pack of Smokes
aluminum foil

Step 2: Cook it.

Step 3: Eat it.


Spec7ral said...

Can I wrap my pecker in foil and fuck the bird?

Spec7ral said...

Also, I love "can(s) of booze", I need more of those in my life.