HockeyDump's European Vacation Part 3

Ok, so I have a few hours downtime today before I attend a meeting on Cross-Platforming in International Transitional Media, (whatever the fuck that is), so I figured I would pump out another riviting HockeyDump Presents: European Vacation, or what the kids are calling HoDu on the Med, (and you can't ignore the kids, they are our future).

So in this instalment, I thought I would cover the exciting action the NHL has brought us in the last week. The only problem with that, is that I haven't seen a game in a week. I wanted to, but it appears that the NHL doesn't allow you to watch live streaming video if you are outside North America. Why? Because once again, the Big Balled NY Brass are MARKETING ICONS NOT TO BE MESSED WITH.

So instead, I will predict the playoff match-ups. And yes, I do realize that predicting the match-ups at this point is pretty lame, but half of the blogs out there are doing it, and I am a follower, so I will too. And fuck you.

Round 1

Boston Vs. Florida (4-1 Boston)

Washington Vs. New York (4-1 Washington)

New Jersey Vs. Pittsburgh (4-3 Pittsburgh)

Philadelphia Vs. Carolina (4-2 Carolina)

San Jose Vs. Anahiem (4-0 San Jose)

Detroit Vs. St.Louis (4-3 Detroit)

Vancouver Vs. Chicago (4-2 Vancouver)

Calgary Vs. Columbus (4-2 Columbus)

And actually, I guess I could take this a step further, and predict the winners and losers, a Cup Champs, and whatnows....

Round 2

Boston Vs. Pittsburgh (4-2 Boston)

Washington Vs. Carolina (4-3 Carolina)

San Jose Vs. Columbus (4-2 San Jose)

Detroit Vs. Vancouver (4-3 Vancouver)

Round 3

Boston Vs. Carolina (4-3 Boston)

San Jose Vs. Vancouver (4-1 San Jose)

Stanley Cup Final

Boston Vs. San Jose (4-1 San Jose)

So ya, basically, it would appear that I don't see any major upsets coming. Does that make me a boring person? Yes. But you have to remember, no matter what ends up happening, I will claim I knew it all along, and say I told you so to anyone that will listen. I am a hockey God. I am a fucking LEGEND.


- Davey Williams, Americano (or at least thats what everyone here thinks)


James said...

If you truly see the Panthers making it in front of the Habs, you need to lay off meth my boy.

Davey Williams said...

I actually don't see 11 of the 15 Eastern Conference teams making the playoffs, but unfortunately, the system is what the system is. In my world, The Bridgeport Sound Tigers, Modo, and my 1988 Atom hockey team would be in before Montreal, Florida or let's say, the Rangers.

Spec7ral said...

Carolina making it to the thrid round makes me laugh vomit until I puke snot.

Davey Williams said...

Ok, big man. Let's see the idiocy that falls out of your mouth. You do one.