HockeyDump's European Vacation Part 2

So I decided that sleeping is not a huge part of my plans here in France, and as a direct result, I have been awake for almost 24 hours. I have a meeting with some guy from some company in a few minutes that has absolutely nothing to do with hockey, but since this is a hockey blog, I am going pretend it is with Hall of Famer Ray Bourque. And honestly, it might as well be, because all I can make out with my eyes right now a basic rudimentary shapes and primary colours. I am going to start by asking him to sign my Bruins t-shirt, and when he questions it, I am going to stand up, grab his arm, and indian burn the shit out of it. Why? BECAUSE THE REAL RAY BOURQUE WOULD TOTALLY GET ME, AND THIS CLOWN IS JUST WASTING MY FUCKING TIME!

....unless he wants to give me some money,....then I guess he's alright.

- Davey Williams, blogger.

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Spec7ral said...

A man who doesn't sleep, he has more time to have wasted, but it is immeasurably more valuable than that of the sleeping man.