The slowest three minutes in hockey LIVE BLOG VERSION!

Well it's that special time kids. Cozy up by the fire. Especially if you live in Vancouver, since we are now two weeks into our best impression of a Quebec winter.

When the irishman takes over the barn will be full of respect. The barn being Toronto's shitty NHL ice rink and the irishman being this drunk.

Oh wait, that's not Brian Burke, that's a drawing of George Parros. Oops.

Mike Keenan is a great head coach because he stuck with Todd Bertuzzi. Like he fucking has anyone else on that team to use?

God I love crocodile tears almost as much as the term itself.

I had to explain my need to watch Dunce to a friend so we could turn off the WJC. Not that he asked for an explanation, just cause I felt like a fruitcake requesting to see this guy. At that point my friend told me about some "beer league dude that got in a fight and smashed his head on the ground. Then he went into a coma and passed away" After I had made fun of him for about 5 minutes for using the term "passed away" for someone other than his grandmother, it turned out my good friend was clairvoyant. It's a good thing Stef was around to explain to me what had happened, because all Dunce and Ronald did was flash his picture on the screen and mention he succumbed to his head trauma. Had I not had the inside scoop I would have assumed he was another dead soldier.

I bring all this up because the dead head-trauma-passed-away-motherfucker was pertinent to hockey. He died in a hockey fight. Dead soldiers do not pertain to hockey (and don't you fucking dare bring up some shit about fighting for freedom and without freedon there would be no hockey. That is some fucking hippie douche nozzle shit that I will light you on fire for). However, Duncey and Ronnie swept a death from fighting under the rug and decided to play dead-soldier-facebook instead, throwing up pictures of some fat dead guy's wedding and some salad tossing at a local legion. He also faked crying (rock the croc Dunce!) during the cut-out to the pictures.

Side note: Is Coach's Corner always sponsored by Moore's? Does that mean they hasve to make Don's suits?

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Davey Williams said...

Why would a suit retailer sponsor Coach's Corner? Isn't that kind of like Chinese Restaurant sponsoring a dog show? (Note: It's the racism that really makes the joke pop. Don't you think?)