John Tavares and his broken arm. Courtesy of Dunce Cherry

So John Tavares arm is actually fractured.

Oh the glory. The glory of Dunce getting his little man's arm snapped. Not only did Dunce's team lose 6-1 to team Orr in the CHL prospects game, but he got the arm snapped of the Leaf's prospective saviour. This is fucking sweet my friends!

I wonder if the collison also exploded all of Tavares' zits at once, causing a horror scene for the front row fans?

Side note: Facts are stupid, and do not play a part in this post. I may also miss my Dunce post again this week, unless Mr. Towers can let me use his shitty as MAC to post tomorrow afternoon @ our GM meeting.

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Anonymous said...

I like the ZITS on the eye balls. It adds a little something I think.