Wayne as a girl makes me gay.

Ok now. First I would like to say that I hope some of you had a nice Christmas or whatever it is your fancy religion celebrates this time of year.

Second-of-ly, I would like to say that the pic above is wonderous for at least three reasons.

Reason 1: I am a big supporter of shitty photoshopping. It really is the fuel of the intenet. Without it we would not know what cats are really thinking, or what that girl on the TV would look like with really big jugs. (Note: HockeyDumper Spec7ral is a great contributor to Bad Photoshopping on the Internet, and this is a public request for him to donate his talents to this blog a little more often.)

Reason 2: It's not at all funny, which in turn makes it amazingly funny. Nobody cares about the Coyotes, and there was no demand for a photograph based pun of their plight. This photo is kind of like Telemundo. It's amazing because I'm a racist.

Reason 3: Why is Tyra Banks still there? Seriously, it adds such a beautiful and odd undertone to the whole thing. It makes me want to punch myself in the dick. But in a good way.

Bonus reason: Wayne as a girl makes me gay.

Now go ahead and do your friends a favor and forward this pic to all your friends. They will thank you for it in the end.

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Spec7ral said...

This is a public request for you to comandeer me a copy of photoshop to replace the one I no longer have.