The State of Cheese

Actual Poll Question from page 15 of this months issue of Sports Collector's Monthly:

Which team will have the most points at the All-Star break?

a) Los Angeles Kings

b) Carolina Blue Jackets


So first, I don't know what I like better, the fact that they have included the Los Angeles Kings in the conversation, or the fact that they have also added a team that doesn't even exit.

Also, I would like to add that question 22 claims that Presidents Trophy is awarded to the highest scoring team (when it's the team with the most points),and question 18 gives the options of Price, Giguere and an injured Brodeur as Vezina candidates.

But the best part of this amazing piece of spots journalism has to be the opening paragraph...no shit, this is it....

"Have you ever been watching a game and the announcer says something so utterly ridiculous it leaves you wondering how he was granted his press credentials and perhaps more importantly, how he got to be a so called expert?"

It then goes on to self congratulate it's staff for being "typically right on the money".

In case you were wondering, Sports Collector's Monthly is based in Wisconsin. Yup, THAT Wisconsin. God Bless America.

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