Saturday the Dunce-teenth

My apologies for my last post. I was in a drunken state of disarray after having my pad broken into and my television stolen. Being that I have all this pent up anger, I think now is a great time to let some steam off.... so without further ado:

Duncey-Boy started off his segment tonight with a brief plug for his latest Rock 'Em Sock 'Em. That's fine with me, I actually love that early part of the series, since youtube didn't exist until recently (I hope he still uses early '90's radio techno). I don't, however, agree with his comment that he "needs to make a buck". I'm pretty sure the money that clown is getting paid by the canadian taxpayers for 5 minutes work a week is more than enough. Seriously, I pay that guy, that's fucking sickening.

Duncemaster then got into how in order to be a role model, pro hockey players must show up for games in suits. Teams like Tampa Bay and Ottawa, who showed up in dress shirts that had no ties, nor were top buttoned, are "going to steal your hubcaps". He then alluded to a couple of guys on Ottawa making out with each other...WTF? It didn't even make sense... they went from being guys that would steal your car to dudes who were about to make out. I dunno, maybe the guys who stole my TV and PS3 were West End homosexuals with a penchant for crowbars and HD NHL 08.

He then went on to talk about how staying on the ice with a broken arm is a good canadian thing (being useless is canadian!). Then talked about how the Irishman was going to bring up all the AHL kids when he took over the Leafs (cause he didn't yo-yo Bobby Ryan in the minors at all).

The cherry on top (eat that pun like a rotten clam), was that he COMMENDED (not to be confused with codemned, which would have been correct) the Vancouver Canucks scouting staff. WHAT?....WHAT?!?....I'm pretty sure Mr. Williams has talked about Vancouver's scouting before so I'll leave it @ that.

PS This virtually guarantees that Cody Hodgson will be a complete bust.

PPS Random hockey comedy gold!

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DWB said...

I am starting to look forward to your Saturday night posts more and more.