"I need to hear truths I haven't heard before" - Dwayne Hoover, Breakfast of Champions

Sundin is a useless piece of cunt meat. That little flap that, although you never see it, causes that slight chaffe on your cock in between your circumcized toque and your god given man mast (un-cut men should not read this column).

Seriously... fuck fantasy/pool hockey gambling. Who the fuck does this dipshit think he is?

Oh hey, I can go home to mom and eat some swedish meatballs for 6 fucking months. Then I can go for a fucking lollygag and do some poker advertising. And then I can sit around and stick my own cock so far up my own fucking asshole that I finally bust the first load of my entire useless life. Cause that's all my point-per-game carrer has been...uselesss. Toronto still sucks. I still blow. And no matter what side of the weather vane I fall upon, no team that gets me will win, because I will be a distraction.

Way to go you big ugly smiley faced albino Ronald McDonald wannabe. Just buy a fucking pistol and end the mystery already.



Everyone you thought gave a shit.

Side note: LOL! if you google image search "dead sundin" this blog is the first hit. WILLIAMS IS GOD!!!!

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Anonymous said...

A) Spec7ral is angry.

B) Dead Sundin 4 Life.