Big Poppa Pat

Roy said the decision was due to family reasons. Both sons, who played under their father with the Quebec Remparts junior team, will be pursuing interests other than hockey. "Jon is starting a new career right now in music...Frederick is going to Santa Monica to study and give a try as an actor, and I just want to make sure that I'm there to support them," Roy said. The club actually has a vacancy for its general manager post and not its coach, as Tony Granato still officially has that title. The GM position wasn't offered to Roy, apparently.

Fuck, I can not WAIT for the "Princes of Darkness" reality series, featuring the weekend bender coke-off with dad footing the bill.

Can someone PLEASE join Freddy's facebook friends to get some pictures? I need more chest!!


Spec7ral said...

PS Was the Caps Pens game 7 not the biggest let-down since... the vikes lost to the falcons in the NFC championship game in '98? That's the last one that hurt me that bad. Man that game sucked.

Dr.D.Williams said...

I thought that game went rather well. (twirls end of moustache).