Lets Laugh At Concussions Together..


MapleLee44 said...

i guess i dont see the humour in career ending injurys

Nordique Nazi said...

Hey, lets be clear here.. I didnt make the video, just thought I'd share it with the world. And not every hit was a career ender. Pacioretty has been cleared to play... I think.

Nordique Nazi said...

Can we at least share in the humour that is the Maple Leafs... Cmon, thats some funny shit.

DWB said...

Dearest Maple Lee,

This is embarrassing, but apparently we here at HockeyDump have completely run out of diapers, so this time, you will have to change your own. I promise this will never happen again.

Thanks again, and keep reading!


PS - Maybe the internet isn't for you?

Spec7ral said...

I turned it off too Mapes. Not because of the injuries, because of that shrill fucking sound bite. If I want to see a career-ender I'll watch re-runs of Dennis Miller on MNF.