Is this thing on?

Holy shit, as I live and breathe. It appears that hell has indeed come upon it's own juicy cold spell, as the dead are rising from their contemptuous graves. "Is it true?", the raucous children on the playgrounds will beg. And with a mighty splatter, the righteousness of the few will reign. It is true. The Hockey Dump has returned to the blogosphere. The traveller has come. But has this return of the dead come at a greater cost? Is this merely a rushed sequel branded with rehashed defamation? The answer is undoubtedly, absofuckinglutely. And if you don't like it, then you can quite literally and figuratively, if you may, GO FUCK YOURSELF. The dump is back. Time to pay the piper.

-Davey Williams

PS - The other turds are also back with a possibility of new contestants in the future. So, ya.


Spec7ral said...

Hey Dickskin, can you give me editing rights so I can touch up the left side? It's fucking useless looking. I like the chain link deal though, feel trapped.

Spec7ral said...

And by left side I meant right, I am blogging in front of a mirror right now.